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File Name

Size Description
dbztoosexy.rm 4.18 MB DBZ Characters Singing "I'm Too Sexy". A MUST! LOL! : P
android17.rm 100 KB Super 17 is formed.
androidkill.mpa 2.15 MB Super 17 kills Android 18 (now human & Krillan's wife). 1.01 MB 4 Super-Saiyans fire beams at someone (person not shown in clip).
buu.mpa 874 KB  Vegetto is hammering Buu. 
buudies.mpg 3.63 MB Goku kills Buu... or does he?
chichi.ram 271 KB This is what happens when you make Chi-Chi mad.
fatgogetafarts.mpa 612 KB As the file name states, Fat Gogeta farts.
fatgogeta1.mpa 960 KB Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance, but Vegeta doesn't point his finger!  This results in Fat Gogeta! 776 KB Fat Gogeta bounces around... literally. 1.11MB          Chibi Goku, Trunks and Pan power up to attack Buu.
gogeta.mpa 617 KB Vegeta and Goku fuse to become Gogeta.
gogetafusessj4.mpa 1.03 MB Vegeta and Goku, both SSJ4, fuse to become Gogeta (pretty bad quality).
gohan.ram 337 KB This is what happens when you make Gohan mad. 776 KB Gohan, SSJ2, starts whoopin' Cell.
gohanhildegarne.mpeg 2.28 MB Gohan fights Hildegarne.
gohansavevegeta.mpa 635 KB Gohan saves Vegeta from a blast that Cell fired.
gohanssj2.mpa 3.84 MB Gohan turns Super-Saiyajin 2 after Cell kills his friend, Android #16.
gokufightbrolly.mpa 2.74 MB Goku fights Brolli, and lands a nice punch in the gut.
gokussj.mpa 3.02 MB Goku turns Super-Saiyajin for the first time after Frieza kills Krillan. 1.85 MB Goku turns Super-Saiyajin 4 from Golden Oozaru.
gotenandtrunks.mpa 892 KB Goten and Trunks fight a monster. 1.12 MB Goten fires a Kamehameha at Bebi.
krillindies.mpa 3.27 MB Super 17 kills Krillan (he's old now) and Android #16 (now human) gets mad and punches #17.
krillinfight.mpa 946 KB Krillan easily beats up some punks.
krillinfightingrobots.mpa    1.54 MB Krillan fights some robots.
krillinfightpiccolo.mpa 1.06 MB  Krillan fights Piccolo and makes a fool out of himself.
metal.mpeg 1.93 MB Goku fights metal Frieza. 
piccolofightcell.mpa 2.61 MB Piccolo tries to hit Cell with a beam but it doesn't work. 3.00 MB  Piccolo fights some robots (used with permission from Planet Namek). 3.79 MB Piccolo kills Radditz and Goku with his Special Beam Cannon (Makkansupuko).  1.86  MB Radditz teaches Goku about his Saiyan heritage. 747 KB  Vegeta and Gohan are beaten up by Raichi. 815 KB Vegeta fights Raichi.
satancell.mpg 2.30 MB Mr. Satan tries to fight Cell but is beaten with one finger.
super17.ram 658 KB The Z Fighters make their first attacks on Super 17.
super17opening.ram 1.04 MB The opening to the Super 17 saga of DBGT.  1.08 MB Vegeta kills someone with a blast. 729 KB Vegeta blows someone away.
vegettobigbang.mpa 1.26 MB Vegetto uses his Big Bang Attack against Buu.
vegettossj.mpa  914 KB  Vegetto turns SSJ.

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You know this is hard turning SSJ4